Why is my sexual preference important to you?



June 12, 2016

Maybe this isn’t the right place to put this….or maybe it is…but after listening to the news all day about an ISIS member killing 50 people and injuring 53 in the LGBT I feel like I have to say something.

I have several family members that are gay. I have a nephew that is transgender. I myself came out two years ago at the age of 39 as bisexual and all I can ask is why? Even if you don’t believe in what we are…why is it your “obligation” to judge us? Why is it your business to tell us how we should feel or how we should act? Why is it your business to tell us we are wrong for whom we love and what we are allowed to do in our own bedrooms.

The way I see it…as long as I am not hurting anyone else why should it matter. If I am happy with being with a woman, man, or transgender person…shouldn’t that be okay as long as I am happy? Do my feelings mean nothing? Am I suppose to feel like I am nothing? Don’t I have the right to be loved? 

Why is a simple touch or kiss offensive to you when a straight person does it in public it? Are we not allowed to show our affections…and I am not talking about groping or making out. I am talking about a simple hug, handshake, kiss, or hand holding!

Also, why are you at a LGBT establishment, knowing what you may or may not see if you do not like us? Shouldn’t you be somewhere else where you won’t be offended and where you won’t take your hate and anger out on us when we want nothing more then to be somewhere, where we belong and to be with people that understands us. We deserve to have fun…or is that not allowed either?

I know this incident was caused by an ISIS member who doesn’t believe in such things but there are a lot of others out there like him. There are also regular people like fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles that shun us. Turn their backs on us in disgust like we are garbage and trash.

We are the same people you always knew…your sister, brother, mother, father…friend. We are no different then what we were before. We are not going to “turn” you gay if you touch us. We don’t want to sleep with your children. We aren’t all into wild and kinky thing. We don’t want to rape or molest anyone. We won’t invite you into our bedroom for you to watch just as we hope you don’t ask us. We want to beloved and accepted. To be treated as the person you always knew. Is that really to much to ask? 

Just stop the hate and start loving one another. By brushing people aside because they are different is wrong. Can you imagine what a great person or friend we are missing out on if we don’t give them a chance? Peace! Love! Understanding!