From A Tired American



It shouldn’t matter if we are Republican, Democrat, Liberal, or Conservative. It shouldn’t matter if you like or dislike, Trump, Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. We are human beings. Everyone has family. Wives, husbands, mothers, brothers, sisters…we all have someone that we love and care about and would be lost without if something horrible happened to that person.
We all hurt. We all have pain. Words hurt….and we can’t bring people back once they are gone when someone else decides to take them away from us. No one knows what the other person is going through physically or mentally but that’s okay. Have some common sense. Have a conscious. No matter how much you hate someone….they have family…or someone that loves them. There is more to them then what you see in a post or what they show in a silly old meme. They have a right to be alive and have the right to have life no matter who or what they are….or what YOU think!
I am so tired of all of this. It’s everyday! Sometimes I miss my childhood so much it hurts. I miss the innocence and the boring plainness of it all growing up out in the middle of the country. I miss my mom and my dad…and yes my bitchy grandmother. I miss life being simple and being able to trust someone with just a handshake. What the hell has happened to everyone? We are better than this but we act like we are not!
Come on people. Show a little kindness. Hate a little less…and yes, I include myself in that because I am not perfect either. I know personally I don’t like the angry and bitter person I have become in the past year.
Show a lot of love because you don’t know when that person will be gone. It hurts like hell when you don’t get to tell them you love them. It plain ass sucks…I know. Let’s try to be a little better today then what we were yesterday and let’s leave something behind that others can think highly of us when we are gone.
~Deborah Durst~